Half paccheri pasta 500g -

Half paccheri pasta 500g


Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water


Energy value: 1504 KJ / 359.3 Kcal

Proteins: 13.0 gr

Carbohydrates: 72.9 g (of which sugars: 2.5 g)

Dietary Fiber: 2.0 gr

Salt: 0.001 gr

Total Fat Substances: 1.3 g (of which saturated: 0.4 g)

Max Humidity: 12.50%

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The production of Piazza dry pasta is aimed at the demanding consumer who requires a quality product with optimal nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. To guarantee high nutritional qualities in the product chain, it selects exclusively Sicilian cultivated wheat, searching among highly experienced producers who respect the noblest production standards.

To best guarantee the intact preservation of the semolina properties, it does not use storage silos. The freshly milled semolina, obtained from the coarse millstone of the first extraction, is poured bag by bag into the loading hopper, this procedure allows to check the quality of the raw material punch after punch. The formation of the dough (semolina and water) takes place slowly in a cold vacuum tank. The dough, kept at a low temperature so as not to be stressed, passes through bronze dies, which give the pasta, even the smooth shapes, that color and roughness that allows sauces and condiments to bond better. The short pasta is placed on wooden frames, while the long formats (spaghetti and linguine) on reeds. Then follows the drying, which takes place in static cells at low temperature. It is at this stage that the SLOW production process makes the difference. The deliberate slowness of drying guarantees the complete and uniform evaporation of the water from the pasta, preventing starch from hardening and the consequent crystallization of the external part. The average temperature is around 40 ° and allows to obtain an excellent product which, together with the right thickness, preserves intact the proteins (about 13%), the starch, the flavor and the aroma of freshly ground wheat, giving the pasta an added value.

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